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Originating in Japan, shoji are delicate sliding screens made from wooden frames and translucent paper. They have been an integral part of Japanese architecture for centuries, adding traditional elegance and serene stillness to living spaces. 


Imoshen Studio takes great pride in crafting custom-made traditional shoji that are not only functional but also exquisite works of art. With an incredible amount of detail, including traditional kumiko, our handcrafted shoji are the epitome of beauty while still meeting the unique needs of each space. We source the highest-quality softwoods that mimic traditional Hinoki and we use authentic Japanese washi paper to ensure the utmost authenticity and durability of our creations.

custom shoji installation
traditional handmade shoji
custom wood shoji screens
custom wood shoji doors for bed



One of the remarkable qualities of custom shoji is their versatility. They can be incorporated into various areas of your home or commercial space, serving as doors, cabinets, privacy screens, room dividers, and more. Imoshen Studio specializes in designing shoji that seamlessly blend with your existing interior, enhancing the ambiance and functionality of any room.


Whether you seek to create a tranquil meditation room, a graceful Japanese-inspired bedroom, or a stylish and practical home office, custom shoji can be tailored to suit your vision. Describe your ideas, requirements and preferences and we’ll collaborate closely with you on the perfect design. Together, we can transform your space into something uniquely and peacefully you.

custom kitchen shoji
custom wood kitchen shelving with shoji
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